Kabul: The United States of America will be sending at least six B-52 bombers to Afghanistan, and might increase number of troops as well in an attempt to protect US and NATO forces as they are less then two weeks to start leaving Afghanistan.

Quoting Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, Bloomberg reported that two of the B-52s have long-range bombers arrived in the region around Afghanistan Friday to bolster security as the US prepares to withdraw all 2,500 troops from the country by September, Tolo News reported.

US President Joe Biden announced on April 14 that he will end the US role in the 20-year-old conflict.

Top US general who is in charge of US forces in the Middle East said Thursday he is concerned that the Afghan military will collapse after the United States and international troops leave Afghanistan.

He said that he is worried that Afghanistan’s military may not be able to “hold on” after American troops leave later this year.



(Courtesy Tolo News)


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