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Govt forms ‘tree authorities’ for Srinagar, Jammu

By INS Desk , in Regional Srinagar , at December 3, 2020

Srinagar, Dec 3: The government on Thursday formed a five -member ‘tree authorities’ to ensure preservation of all trees within the jurisdiction of Srinagar and Jammu Municipal Corporations.
Headed by Mayor of the respective corporations, the ‘tree authorities’ has been also tasked to obtain declaration from all owners or occupants about the number of trees in their lands, to specify the standards regarding the number and kind of tress in each locality, type of land and premises, to assist private and public institutions connected with planting and preservation of trees and undertake such schemes or measures as may be directed from time to time for achieving the objectives of these provisions. Besides Mayor as chairman, the respective authorities comprise Deputy Mayor, Commissioner, divisional forest officer urban forestry division and district horticulture officer.



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