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In Pictures: Walnuts Enter Harvest Season In Kashmir

By INS Desk , in Regional Srinagar , at September 28, 2020

By Zargar Zahoor

For people dealing with the trade, September is an important month of the year. It is considered the harvesting month in which the walnut trees become covered with fruits.
Village women remove walnut husks at Budgam in central Kashmir on Monday
A woman (not in picture) peels off the hard green walnut husk
There are many varieties of walnuts available in Kashmir Valley. They have different kernel sizes and shapes. Most of the walnut varieties found in Kashmir are very tasty.
A woman adjusting freshly picked walnuts for drying at Budgam
Those associated with trade remain in the area to guard the harvest and pack them in gunny bags in the evening
A man washes freshly picked walnuts in a stream at Central Kashmir Budgam on Monday
A woman shows peeled off walnuts. Those dealing with the process invariably get fingers and palms dyed black due to it.
After the walnuts are dried, the farmers pack them in gunny bags for transportation to markets.

The harvest according to the farmers has been comparatively good this season. The are hopeful about good returns.



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