Billawar deserve district status: JKAP

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Billawar, Aug 16: Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) leader Choudhary Yasir has appealed to the Government to give district status to the Billawar assembly constituency.
“Billawar is a hilly place which is far away from Kathua headquarter and many areas are without roads, water and electricity,” said Yasir.
He said that district headquarter is 120 km away from Billawar because of which the poor people are not able to reach there.
In support of their demands, the people are
“People are holding demonstrations in Billawar in support of their demands and there is strong resentment. Even after 74 years of Independence, the people are suffering because being in report areas and there is lack of developmental activities in the assembly constituency which deserves to be district, he said.
The JKAP leader said that one will be surprised to know that the people of Malhar and Machadi areas have to spend night at Billawar to reach the district headquarter next day.
“Being a remote place, the development, electricity, water and road construction can be done when it is given district status which is long pending demand of the people,” said Yasir.
He said that Billawar extends from Basohli to Dudu-Basantgarh of Udhampur district, and from Hiranagar tehsil to Kathua. It has mostly hilly areas, some kandi belts and some plain areas. “The distance of Billawar from district headquarters is 81 kms and some areas have 150 kms distance or more from Kathua headquarters,” added the JKAP leader who pitched for the district status of Billawar.


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