People put in administrative quarantine in RS Pora complain lack of facilities

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Sohail Punjabi
Jammu: A number of people put in administrative quarantine in RS Pora Jammu on Thursday complained lack of facilities especially on account of washrooms.
A number of people called INS that the quarantine center housed in an Ashram has just one bathroom and they are finding it difficult to cope with it in view of the sweltering weather conditions. “There is one bathroom for more than 200 people. While there are 5 toilets, they are also inadequate,” they said.
“Around 120 people were brought here from Udhampur railway station in 5 buses. 100 odd people were already there,” said a group of people over the phone. “We can understand that the government cannot arrange top-notch facilities or those available at our residences but at least there should be bare minimum facilities,” they said, adding, “How can so many people manage with the facilities that are being provided?”
When INS contacted SDM RS Pora Jaipal Sharma he said that nodal officer has been designated and should be contacted for comment. The designated officer switched off his phone when asked to comment on the facilities.


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