Covid-19: Restrictions Continue in Kashmir

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9SRNP1: SRINAGAR, FEBRUARY 9 (UNI) Security personnel keeping vigil during curfew-like restrictions at Mirwaiz Manzil in down town Srinagar on Thursday.

Srinagar: Authorities continued restrictions on Wednesday in Kashmir where four covid-19 patients have been officially confirmed.
A day after three persons, including a 22-year-old youth, tested positive for covid-19, tougher restrictions have been imposed across the valley. Police and paramilitary forces have been imposed in strengthen. Police is also making announcements through public address systems, urging people to stay indoors. Also, barricades in the form of concertina wires and other objects are erected across road stretches.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown across India in wake of the risk that should the virus spread locally, it could bring unprecedented public health catastrophe given poor health facilities and infrastructure.
A senior police officer said that road blockades across the valley had been imposed to prevent the spread of the virus.
Last night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a complete lockdown of entire India for the next 21 days in an effort to contain the COVID-19 Pandemic.
In a special televised address to the Nation, the Prime Minister said that even those nations with the best of the medical facilities could not contain the virus and that the social distancing was the only option to mitigate it.
“All of you are also witnessing how the most advanced countries of the world have been rendered absolutely helpless by this pandemic. It is not that these countries are not putting in adequate efforts or they lack resources. The Coronavirus is spreading at such a rapid pace that despite all the preparations and efforts, these countries are finding it hard to manage the crisis.”
The analysis of happenings in all these countries since the last two months and the opinion of experts has proved that there is only one way to effectively deal with Coronavirus – Social Distancing, he said.
He said this decision was taken from the experiences of health sector experts and experiences of other countries and 21 days was essential to break the chain of infection.


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