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Admin comes up with three shelters for beggars, Govt says permanent shelter for homeless within month

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By Ovais Gull

Srinagar: The district administration Srinagar on Friday said that it has come up with the shelters for beggars who will be sent to home after being finding soliciting alms in the district.

It is worth to mention here that no space was available before to accommodate the beggars who will be arrested for soliciting alms here. The order to arrest the beggars was issued by Deputy Commissioner (DC), directing immediate arrest of persons found soliciting alms at public places.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Srinagar told The INS that three shelters have been made available for the beggars, which are located in Nishat and Pantha Chowk. “One among these shelters was designated while another two are temporary,” he said

“We are also working for making a permanent shelter available for urban homeless here who will be accommodated there,” DC Srinagar told The INS.

He added there are many beggars who are called professional beggars and in the holy month of Ramadhan, the rush of these beggars remains high, therefore, “We have just started our process to take them to these shelters. It will take couple of days to put an end to the presence of these beggars here,” he said.

He added after talking them to these shelters, the non-local beggars will be assisted and sent back to their homes.

The deputy Commissioner also stated that they have already prohibited begging on Srinagar streets but they are also sensitive about the plight of beggars.

He added that delay in action against these beggars after imposing ban in begging here caused due to non-availability of the shelters. “We have the shelter available now and all those found soliciting alms from now onwards will be arrested and taken to these shelters following which they will be send to their homes,” he said.


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