Stone tablet with inscriptions found during sand extraction, expert says, need investigation

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By Sameer Ahmad

Anantnag: A stone tablet with inscriptions was found during sand extraction in Uranhal area of a south kashmirs Anantnag District on Sunday.
The workers who found the stone tablet told INS that the stolen was “buried underwater in river Jhelum in Uranhal area”.

The 7 by 5-inch stone, Dr Ajmal Shah Professor in Kashmir university Archaeology expert, said that they are figuring out the language inscribed on the rock.
He said that with preliminary look on the pictures he received, he believes either the stone tablet has come from Ladakh or its ‘Philippine’s language’.
“The question is, how did it find its way in Anantnag,” Shah exclaimed.
“If it is sharda a normal finding in Ladakh division of the state with Budhist population, question still remains how did the stone tablet reach here and that too in the river,” Shah said.

Shah, maintains that it is a strange finding, which could mean that there ought to have a ‘Budhist monastery nearby’ or it was transported to the place.
“We will try to find out things and what is written on it. Let’s see what we could find,” Shah said.


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