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Pulwama: Students have little options as subjects of choice in GHSC Rohmoo

By INS Correspondent , in Video Gallery , at March 23, 2019

By Mudassir Maqbool

Pulwama: Students at Government Higher Secondary School at Rohmoo village here are left with little choice to make after passing matriculation exams due to lack of subjects taught there. 

The institution is bereft of subjects including Geography, Islamic Studies, Commerce and Physical Education.
Students complained that there is little to choose for them and some of them wishing to study Commerce can’t get admission.
“Either we have to accept what is being offered or go to a far off place to study them.” they said.
They said that school was upgraded from high School to Higher Secondary in 2003, but ‘unfortunately it still faces shortage of streams’.
Qayoom Khan, a student told INS ,that over 300 Students are enrolled in Higher Secondary.

Students Alleged that other institutes don’t allow admission citing the reason of ‘catchment area’.
Officials at the Education Department said that they are looking into the issues faced by the students.
“They will soon have a sigh of relief,” official said.



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