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House damaged in gunfight, Family demands compensation from Government

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By Mudassir Maqbool

Pulwama: Hanjin Pulwama family who’s house was razed to ground during gunfight recently has urged authorities to ‘compensate them so that they could have a place to live’.

The family said that the gunfight in that house erupted, according to officials, have said that the militants were on the run and took shelter in the under construction house of theirs.

“From last one year I and my sons worked hard to construct the new house. Still under construction, the house was destroyed in the gunbattle,” house owner Abdul Rashid Hurrah told INS.

Hurrah said that after years of hard work they were expected to shift to new house soon, but escaping militants tried to hide in the under construction building but gunfight raged and the house was destroyed.

“Our house was destroyed for no fault of ours. Can’t administration come forward to help us to regain that what we had earned for years,” Hurrah said, adding that ‘their dreams of a living in a better house have been shattered’.

The family these days is living in the mud made house of their elder son Gowhar Ahmad.

Questioning as to why was their house destroyed, Hurrah said, that they were told the hiding militants were not even killed in their house but died in the orchards, but still their house was destroyed.

“Why did government forces blast our house when, militants first of all were not hiding in our house but rather were escaping and tried to take refuge there, second if they were killed outside why went out anger on a poormans house,” Hurrah complained.

The family now has urged the district authorities and government to help family rebuild their house and provide them with the compensation.



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