Srinagar: Calling Amarnath Yatris are guests, Hizbul-ul-Mujahideen Commander Riyaz Naikoo on Tuesday rejected Director General of Police’s claims that militants were planning an attack on the annual pilgrimage as “wrong and completely baseless”.
In a new audio clip released here, Naikoo also invited Kashmir Pandits to return to their homes but not to separate colonies.
“We want to tell AmarnathYatris that you have no threat from us. You come without security. You are our guests but do not try to interfere in Kashmir issue,” Naikoo said, adding, ““DGP SP Vaid recently said that government has heightened security because (militants) plan to attack Yatra which is absolutely wrong and baseless. We have no plan to attack Amarnath Yatra and we will never ever attack Amarnath Yatris as they come to realize their religious rites”.
He said that militants have nothing to do with it. “We have never attacked them in past and neither we have any enmity with them. Our fight is with those who commit cruelty against our people and those who have forced us to pick up the gun. We fight for freedom of our nation and only ask India to leave our territory. We have no enmity with people of India.”
Naikoo, who replaced Sabraz Bhat as the commander of the largest militant outfit in Kashmir last year said, government of India wants to tell world especially her people that there was terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir as such issue statements through media that militants are planning to attack Amaranth Yatra.
“In Kashmir, you will see Bihari people everywhere. They can be seen in every nook and corner of the Valley. If situation in Kashmir is unfavorable, how lakhs of Biharis and others earn their bread and butter here. If people of Kashmir are terrorists, how these people return home unharmed?”
He said students of Jammu and Kashmir are harassed and beaten up everywhere in Indian states “but have any outsider student ever complained of ill treatment meted out to them anywhere in Kashmir?”
Naikoo said that thousands of young Indian women beg on streets of Valley or working here but none of them have ever complained that somebody has given an evil eye to them. “This is despite the fact that every Indian hates Kashmiri and every Kashmiris heart is hurt by them,” he said, adding, “Alhamdulillah (all praise is due to Allah alone) we are all Muslims and Muslims never ever subject to cruelty any children, elders, women and weak. Our homes are ransacked, our generations are destroyed. Our orchards are chopped down. We are keeping patience and Allah will reward us.”
He said Kashmiri Pandits who left Kashmir in 1990 if they wish to return home, are welcome. “If they demand and settle in separate colonies, we will never ever allow that to happen. Like Sikhs and KPs who are living here, you can come back and live with us. We are not your enemies and if Kashmiri Pandits want to come and live here, I can give one kanal of land to one family to live in here but we will never allow separate colonies.”
He said those who want KPs settle in separate colonies, “none of them will be spared by us.”
He said dissolution of PDP and BJP government, imposition of governor’s rule, and calling NSG commandos was nothing but a pre-planned conspiracy. “BJP did not withdraw support to PDP but it is a well thought-out plan. Indian government wants to suppress our struggle and wants to commit cruelty on people and families of militants and this is why they enacted play to break down PDP-BJP government and impose the governor’s rule and give free hand to Indian troops. Whether government is that of Mehbooba Mufti or there is governor’s rule, we are no bothered. Our fight will carry on till India leaves our territory completely. Whether government is that of Mehbooba Mufti or there is governor’s rule, Indian policy are implemented in Jammu and Kashmir. They are actually two faces of same coin.”
Not only NSGs, he said, even if India brings its entire army here, “still the country cannot suppress our freedom struggle.”
“I fail to understand that on one side India claims that operation all out is working successfully and on the other side, brings new troops (NSG). If operation all out is working successfully, why is there need to call NSG commandos. India and its army is issuing wrong statements and befooling people of India,” he said, adding, “Calling NSG commandos is India’s admission of defeat and is employing last tactics in Kashmir.”


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