Shopian: Army on Tuesday claimed that they had planned an Iftaar in DK pura village on May 21 but some miscreants instigated crown comprising of youth and woman who resorted to stone pelting. Forces responded to ‘ serious threat to the safety of the troops’.

In the incident yesterday four women were injured including a four year girl who had received bullet injury.

“Following the tradition and as part of goodwill gesture towards the Awaam during the holy month of Ramzan, the local Army Camp at Imam Sahib planned an Iftaar at DK Pura village on 21 May 18.,” Army spokesman said.

The Army further said that for the Iftaar they had done the necessary coordination with the village Maulvi, Masjid Committee Members, Sarpanch and other eminent persons of the village and some of them had also later visited the Army Camp in the afternoon to finalise arrangements.

“At around 1930 hours as the Iftaar was under progress, some miscreants from the village barged into the masjid and started shouting anti national and pro-Pakistan slogans including on the loudspeaker,” said the Army spokesman.

According to Army statement:  “Very soon a large crowd instigated by the miscreants primarily consisting of youth and a few women gathered outside the masjid and surrounded the Army troops present there for organising the Iftaar.”

“The crowd resorted to heavy stone pelting posing serious threat to the safety of the troops. The troops verbally cautioned the crowd, but when the stone-pelting further intensified, they took necessary preventive measures and moved out of the area,” said the Army statement.


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