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Say no to junk foods; ‘Children facing more health problems’

By INS Web Desk , in Blog , at June 12, 2017

Srinagar: While consumption of junk foods have overtaken our daily food habits, its side effects cannot be brushed aside.
Doctors say that people are busy in their day to day lives and do not have time to focus on their diet plan.
Everywhere-in courts, offices, schools, colleges-people eat junk foods. Junk foods are unhealthy food containing high levels of calories from fat and less in fiber.
“They are prepared from saturated fat which is quiet unhealthy and causes cardio vascular diseases. Patients facing obesity, bowl irritation, restlessness are a routine in my clinic,” Dr. Nazir Ahmad, an Obstetrician, told KNS.
“Obesity has become a common disease in teens and children as they more addicted to junk foods. I am attending to the college students facing stomach problems, anemia, and dizziness and the junk food is the main reason,” he said.
“Junk foods have haphazard side effects and are main causes for weakness of brain, restlessness, insomnia and other diseases,” he says.
The doctor says that compared to the last two decades, today’s children are facing serious health problems.
“Children who eat junk foods are more irritable, less patience, and memory loss problems,” he says.
Syed Afzal, a parent told KNS said that his two children are more addicted towards junk foods.
“I was not aware about the harmful effects of junks, I was taking it lightly. But after two or three months they started vomiting and bowl irritation,” Afzal says.
He said that since children are more exposed to media through TV and smart phones, their inclination to junk food developed more because of the frequent exposure to advertisements.
“There should be public health campaigns to educate the people about the reality of junk foods. It is very much important to take step now, if not early then it will be too late to save the future of children,” Waheed Ahmad, College student told KNS. (KNS)



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